How to Fix Microsoft Outlook Not Implemented Error on Windows in Easy Way

Have you ever encountered an error “Microsoft Outlook Not Implemented” on Windows with MS Outlook 2016, 2013, 2007 & 2010 and don’t know how to fix it? Don’t worry. Check out this technical guides to fix Microsoft Outlook Not Implemented Error on Windows in a simple and easy way.

Microsoft Outlook Not Implemented Error

One of the most trusted and credible email clients is Microsoft for both business communication as well for the personal uses. However, sometimes when the user tries to send or receive emails an error suddenly appears in front of the user with the following message “Not Implemented”. In this blog, we will discuss the root cause and the most appropriate solutions to resolve Microsoft Outlook Not Implemented error.

Microsoft Outlook Not Implemented

At first glance, no one could recognize or understand the error. No one knew why it appears instantly when send or receive emails button is pressed. It was only stating “Not Implemented” that’s it. This error gave a hard time to the experts, so it was impossible for a normal user to understand and fix this error.

Let’s discuss the root cause for the MS Outlook Not Implemented error

There are multiple reasons for the occurrence of Microsoft Outlook Not Implemented. So let’s discuss all of them one by one-

  1. Antivirus Scanner – Most of you wouldn’t know but MS Outlook comes with an antivirus scanner. This scanner scans each and every mail before sending or receiving. Because of this sometimes the send or receive button get stuck and result in the implemented error.
  2. Outlook Plugins – Installing Outlook plugins can also cause Implemented error as they can hinder the smooth working of the MS Outlook.
  3. Outlook Settings for Send & Receive – Another reason for this error to take place is an improper setting. If the sending or receiving settings are not accurately configured then it can also cause this error.
  4. Incorrect Installation of Outlook Application – If the installations are not done by following the proper standards then it can also head the user toward this error.

Methods to Fix Microsoft Outlook Not Implemented Error

As we just discussed the reasons that cause this error so let’s go through ways to fix these problems.

  1. Disabling the antivirus – Disable your MS Outlook antivirus for while so that it can reset. You will be able to send or receive emails when antivirus is disabled. Doing so might hinder your smooth outlook processing. But if you are not facing any error than enabling your antivirus scanner is recommended.
  2. Plugins Issue – Check whether the error is not caused by installed plugins. For that launch Outlook in safe mode, if the Outlook is working fine in the safe mode then uninstall the plugins.
    Open MS Outlook Option >> Switch to Add-ins tab >> Go >> New pop-up dialog box >> Disable one plugin at a time >> Restart the Outlook >> Recheck whether the issue is fixed or not.
  3. Best and easiest way to fix any MS Outlook error is to create a new Outlook profile. Follow these steps to create a new profile.
    Go to Control Panel >> Open Mail Applet >> Click on Show Profiles >> Lastly tap on Add Button and enter all your details.
  1. If the MS Outlook is damaged somehow then follow these steps to fix it.
    Open Control panel >> Uninstall Program MS Outlook >> Then go Office >> Tap on Change Button >> Choose Repair option to fix it >> Continue.
  1. Check whether the PST file is not corrupted by the scanpst.exe tool which would be pre-installed in your system. If the corruption is not major then it will repair PST itself.
  2. Use a professional tool to get rid of Outlook not Implemented Error

The scanpst.exe is a free tool which comes with all the version of MS Outlook and can easily resolve all the minor corruptions. But if your PST file gets fathomless damaged then you have to use a professional tool to recover all your data. If you are one such situation then use this Outlook PST Recovery tool which is capable to restore PST files without any data loss.


All the above-discussed methods are more than sufficient to fix MS Outlook Not Implemented in Outlook 2016, 2013, 2010 and 2007. Following these methods should resolve your problem but attempting different methods might corrupt you PST data file. To repair your PST file you need to advance toward a professional tool. As an expert, I would highly recommend Outlook PST Repair which is used by many professionals as it can handle all the issue of perfectly and efficiently.

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