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Successfully Scan & Recover Lost or Deleted Data from Corrupt VHDX Files

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Here we have a new data recovery tool named Hyper-V Recovery Tool. This recovery software is equipped to fulfill all your data recovery needs, it's cleverly programmed with a highly effective recovery algorithm and that makes your entire data recovery task quite easy and done in an effective manner. A common factor that could hinder you from gaining access to your files is unwanted data corruption in VHDX files and this could easily result into permanent data loss. And we don't want that now do we? Of course not. And that's where the VHDX Recovery Tool comes in as the most effective method necessary in dealing with corrupt VHDX files.

This recovery software works in providing lots of support for Hyper-V virtual hard disk popularly referred to as VHDX files which are created by Windows Server 2012 and later Windows versions. This data recovery software supports a large number of commonly used file systems such as: FAT, FAT16, FAT32, FAT64, NTFS, HFS, and EXTX and what makes it sensational is the fact that there's no need for a deep knowledge in technology before one can make use of this software. Therefore just anyone regardless of their technical skills or lack of any can use this recovery software in repairing corrupt VHDX files easily.

  • Fast and effective recovery of as much data as possible from corrupt VHDX files.
  • It works in favor of VHDX files saved with fixed disk and dynamic disk types.
  • This software also supports Master boot record (MBR) and GUID partition table (GPT).
  • It supports a good number of common file systems like: FAT, FAT16, FAT64, NTFS, HFS+, and also EXTX.
  • It operates using two different mediums for intensive scanning of VHDX files, standard and advanced.
  • Custom settings are activated for selected partition table with an enhanced scanning process.
  • There's also the activation of new custom value and also it's setting customization.
  • The recovery software operates using three modes: Standard, Advanced, and Deep.
  • RAW Recovery mode is activated for a successful and complete data recovery.
  • Users are enabled to make additional signatures to either new or old files using the RAW recovery mode.
  • It supports recovery from formatted drive only if it is saved in FAT file system.
  • Tree-structure preview of files and folders is available before saving them.
  • Free VHDX Repair tool is available online to preview the recovered data files.
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Outstanding Features of Hyper-V Recovery Software

Corrupt OST Files

Effective VHDX Restoration

VDHX repair tool effectively restores every file or document from corrupt VHDX files at user-defined location. This software has been programmed with highly effective algorithm that enhances the recovering of a substantial amount of data from corrupt VHDX files in their previous original form.

Hyper-V Data Recovery

Stable and powerful disk types.

Just like the VHD file, VHDX is also enabled to save in fixed and dynamic disk types. This recovery software provides necessary backup for both disk types and successfully recovers VHDX data files back to their original form without any alteration or unnecessary changes done to it.

Hyper-V Hard Disk Recovery

Automatic detection of file information

The instant you choose the corrupt VHDX file you want to restore, the recovery software will automatically detect the information of the selected file and show the same to the user interface. The file's information will contain the file format version, size of HDD, sector per track, head and cylinder.

VHDX File Recovery Software

Filter Entries

Here's another amazingly awesome feature of this recovery software, it makes use of the Filter Entries feature in getting rid of all the volumes found in your VDHX file when operating on the Standard scanning. While in advance scanning it can eliminate the invalid entries.

Hyper-V Data Recovery Software

Automatic search of file entries

While operating on the advanced recovery mode, you can fill in the maximum file systems which you want to discover in selected volume. The advance recovery mode will only help you find out just the number of file systems you enter. And if you happen to enter in number of systems which are not available it will only find the available file systems. It's 3 by default.

Hyper-V Disk Repair Tool

Search particular file types

If the recovered files happen to be large in number and you want to save certain files on them, all you need to do is search for those files by entering in their name in the search box. There's the added bonus of searching for various files instantaneously with just a single click.


MBR and GPT Partition Tables

This data recovery tool supports MBR aka master boot record and GPT aka GUID Partition Tables effectively.

VHDX File Repair Software

Popular file systems support

Online VHDX recovery utility provides much needed support for all popular file systems of Windows, Mac and Linux operating systems like: FAT,FAT16, FAT32, FAT64, NTFS, HFS+ and EXTX. Therefore, all users can recover their corrupt VHDX files easily.

Software Supports

Complete and thorough scanning

This recovery tool or software carries out a thorough scan of corrupt VHDX files and provides two different modes for dealing with various level of file corruption. There's the Standard mode for normal corruption and Advance mode for serious corruption. Users can choose any of these modes as the case may be in recovering their corrupt files.

Hyper-V Repair Software

Custom settings for partition table

While using the advance scanning mode, users are enabled to determine the custom settings, i.e, starting sector and ending sector, in order to locate the partition of the selected VHDX file. In addition, users may choose to skip the volume size while parsing the table by check in the given option.


Add custom volume

With the advance scanning mode, any volume that gets missing from the VHDX file can be added to it manually by clicking on the Add Custom Volume button to determine the custom settings of the selected volume. You can choose to define start and end sectors of the volume. Note that you'll also need to choose the file system in which type you want to treat the new volume.


Tri-mode Recovery

This recovery software provides three different ways of recovering data. There's the Standard mode for dealing with minor corruption issues, the Advanced mode for normal corruption problems and Deep mode for dealing with serious corruption issues. Note that you can only use these modes one after the other, if one fails then you can make use of the other recovery mode.


RAW Recovery

Here's another mode of recovering corrupt data although it's quite powerful and more effective than the other modes of retrieving corrupt files therefore, it can be used as a last resort in restoring corrupt files if other modes of recovery aren't effective. The pre-defined file types are JPG/JPEG, PNG, GIF, BMP, ZIP, RAR, and MP3. When you choose Treat file system as option, you'll be able to see RAW recovery then you can click on it to parse the selected volume.

VHDX File Repair Software

Addition of New Signatures

During the whole process of RAW recovery, there's room for the addition of signatures to new or old files before you can commence the parsing process of selected volume. The default formats are:JPG/JPEG, PNG, GIF, BMP, ZIP, RAR, and MP3. Asides from all these, users can determine the internal settings of the files they wish to recover by selecting the gear button.

Hyper-v Recovery Tool

Support formatted drive

If the file system of the selected volume happens to be FAT and the drive is formatted then users are advised to make use of the Advance mode for recovery. All you need to do is to click on the 'is drive formatted' option before commencing on the VHDX recovery process.

VHDX Data Recovery

Easy-to-use software

This is a recovery tool that is unique in its own way with all its features and properties and its simplicity makes it quite easy for anyone to make use of regardless of their technical knowledge. This recovery software has an interactive user interface that doesn't demand for any technical skill.

VHDX Disk Recovery Software

Supportability and compatibility

This outstanding recovery software supports VDHX files created in Windows Server 2012, Windows 8, Windows Server 2012 R2 and also Windows 10. It also functions well under all Windows operating system.

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Technical Overview

What are VHDX files?

VHDX is a Hyper-V virtual hard disk new format that is found in Windows Server 2012. Files under VHDX are not compatible with the older versions of Windows Server. Any file having the VHDX file extension is a Windows 8 Virtual Hard Drive file, thus it works as an authentic physical hard drive however it's found on a physical disk like a hard drive. VHDX files are capable of containing a complete operating system for a whole number of various purposes like testing software or running existing or new software that aren't compatible with the host operating system, VHDX files also act as a storage unit used in storing files.

Types and differences between VHD and VHDX

Sure enough, there are some distinguishing features between the existing Virtual Hard Disk and Microsoft's virtual hard disk format, VHDX.

  • VHDX outranks VHD in terms of storage capacity, while virtual hard disk has a meager storage capacity of 2TB; VHDX files boasts of a 64TB storage capacity.
  • Asides from the fact that VHDX files have more storage capacity than the virtual hard disk, they are also compatible with modern hardware and have a 4 KB logical sector size that promotes it's performance compared to old VHD files.
  • With VHD files there's no protection shield that prevents file from getting corrupted and this is a feature that is present in VHDX format. It combats file corruption caused by power failures by continuously monitoring updates in the metadata.

There are two storage types with VHD and VHDX and they are fixed or dynamic

The Dynamic size drives are allocated with the least amount of space that is necessary and then it is enhanced as additional drive is added to the volume. However there's the instance of performance loss on disk writes that demands for an expansion in storage.

Fixed drive sizes sets a default size for your storage. Due to the fact that the file has already been reallocated on the Hyper-V host there's no loss in performance due to the space expansion which is peculiar to dynamic size drive.

Causes of VHDX file corruption

  • A VHDX file can get corrupted when you delete an existing checkpoint and then the VM had a dynamic disk; both combinations could easily result into your VHDX getting corrupted in no time.
  • Files could also get corrupted as a result of a defect or bug in the software that was used to create and manipulate the file that got corrupted.
  • A temporary malfunction in the operating system could also lead to file corruption. For instance, if the system suddenly lose power while it's being operated or if something goes wrong with the file in question.
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Comparison between Demo & Full Version

Product Features Demo License
Add VHDX Files
Quick and Advance Scanning Option
Windows 10 & All Lower Version of Windows Supported
Previews Recovered Data
Save Recovered Data
24*7 Tech Support
Price Free $99
Money-BackMoney-Back Guarantee

Feel Free to Purchase Aryson Products! We are committed to 100% customer satisfaction & security and thus we provide 30 days money back guarantee.

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Frequently Asked Questions
Yes of course! The VHDX recovery software has a three mode recovery system, the Advanced mode, Standard mode and Deep mode. These tri-modes can be used one after the other in recovering corrupt files and folders,i.e, if one fails to recover the corrupt file then the other one can be used to repair and recover the corrupted files.
A distinguishing feature that makes this VHDX recovery software unique is the fact that it was designed in such a way that makes it easy for anyone to use regardless of their technical skill. Another feature that makes it easy to use is its interactive user interface.
Amazingly you can carry out this particular task with ease, all you need to do is select the 'FILTER ENTRIES' icon it helps you get rid of all the volumes found in your VHDX file when operating on the Standard scanning. The Standard scanning eliminates volume in your VHDX file while the Advance scanning clears invalid entries.
This recovery tool provides support for a good number of popular file systems of Windows, Mac and Linux operating systems like: FAT,FAT16, FAT32, FAT64, NTFS, HFS+ and EXTX. Because it runs on a popular file support system it enhances the ability of all users to make use of it in recovering their corrupt VHDX files easily.
When you make use of this recovery tool there's a greater chance of recovering all your important data, from corrupt VHDX files. This software has been programmed with highly effective algorithm that enhances the recovering of a substantial amount of data from corrupt VHDX files in their previous original form. And this makes it powerful in recovering corrupt files in record time.

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