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Repair BKF Files created by NT-Backup & Symantec Backup

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Aryson provides the smartest BKF recovery solution ever for home users and administrators. Get Backup Exec BKF Repair software that can repair BKF file and restore maximum possible content in their original form. Backup Exec BKF repair Software is highly safe to use since it keeps the original data intact or untouched during recovery. The unique support for compressed and split BKF files makes this software the most preferred choice among desktop users. Multiple scanning and recovery modes help users execute BKF recovery task in the most successful way with no problem.

  • Repair BKF files created by Windows NT-Backup and Symantec Backup Exec.
  • Swift and quick recovery of maximum possible data from corrupt BKF files.
  • Auto-search option to search BKF files in the computer system.
  • Smart support for compressed and split BKF files with no problem.
  • Two scanning options for BKF files: complete scanning and partial scanning.
  • Two recovery modes: Standard Mode and Advanced Mode with heuristic scanning feature.
  • Tree-structure preview of recovered data which include files and folders.
  • Tree-structure preview of recovered data which include files and folders.
  • Smart file preview option of recovered files before saving them.
  • Flawless saving of thousands of recovered files in just no time.
  • Flawless saving of thousands of recovered files in just no time.
  • Interactive GUI that requires no prior technical knowledge.

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Recovery tool to repair and recover corrupt backup files created by NT-Backup & Symantec Backup Exec.Read More

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Loaded with two recovery modes: Standard and Advanced, designed specially to tackle different types of corruption. Read More

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Backup Exec BKF Recovery Software let users to effortlessly repair recover large sized backup files without any hassle.Read More

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With the help of this BKF recovery software, a user can successfully resolve any kind of corruption errors they are facing.Read More

Prominent Features of Backup Exec BKF Repair Software

Backup Exec BKF Rrecovery

Recover Inaccessible BKF File

Backup Exec Repair tool provides you the best way to repair BKF file. Via this software, you can successfully fix all the errors which make the BKF files inaccessible. It supports BKF files created by both Windows NT-Backup utility as well as Symantec Backup Exec.

Backup Exec BKF Rrecovery

Effortless Recovery of Large File

Backup Exec BKF Recovery Software enables you to perform effortless recovery from corrupt BKF file. It can safely recover your maximum possible data in their original form without taking much time. Any large size BKF file can easily be repaired within a couple of minutes.

Backup Exec BKF Rrecovery

Two Scanning Modes

There are two scanning modes in this software. If you want to scan the complete BKF file, you can choose Scan complete BKF file option. And/or if you want to scan BKF file partially, you can choose Scan partial BKF file option.

Two Recovery Modes

Two Recovery Modes

There are two recovery modes to handle different level of corruption. If corruption is minor, you should choose Standard Mode. But if corruption is severe and can't be fixed by standard mode, you should choose Advanced Mode.

Heuristic Scanning

Heuristic Scanning

The heuristic scanning option is available with the both recovery modes, i.e. standard and advanced. Via this option, Backup Exec BKF recovery can parse the signatures/tags found in BKF file in order to perform recovery with utmost accuracy.

BKF Compression Support

BKF Compression Support

Backup Exec BKF Repair Software supports BKF files which are compressed with any compression type. It can successfully decompress the BKF files and restore maximum possible data from them without causing any alteration.

Split BKF Files Recovery

Split BKF Files Recovery

None other than Aryson Backup Exec BKF Repair software could recover splitted windows backup files with ease. Hence, If your BKF files are split into multiple parts, this tool will allow you to recover data from all the parts of a corrupt BKF file.

Split BKF Files Recovery

Smart Tree Structure File Preview

Once the scanning and recovery process of corrupt BKF file is done, all the recovered files and folders will be displayed in tree-structure. You can expand them one by one to check their preview. Use this option to have preview of recovered files before saving them.

Auto File Search

Auto File Search

The Search option allows you to search the BKF files automatically from the computer system. You must use this feature if you don't know the exact location of your BKF files.

Recovery Snapshot

Recovery Snapshot

Recovery snapshot feature allows you to save the snapshot of BKF scanning process, so that you can upload it whenever you need in order to rescanning the same BKF file.

Technical Overview

What is compressed BKF file?

BKF is the Microsoft backup format that doesn't support software compression when you're backing up to the disk like external HDD, REV drive, NAS, local drive, etc. But BackupAssist provides you an option to compress BKF files as well as encrypt them with a password. In a backup job, compression is an additional step that occurs when NT-Backup utility completes its process. To access compression options in NT-Backup utility, follow these steps:

  • First of all, click Jobs in the navigation bar.
  • Now select the job which you want to edit, and click Edit at the bottom of the window.
  • Click NTBackup options on the left menu.
  • Now click the drop-down arrow next to Compress backup file option to expand this section.
  • To enable compression, you need to check Compress backup files after NTBackup has completed option.

Advantages of using compression

  • If you're using compression, it'll create smaller backup files so you can fit more data on your backup device. Any typical compression can easily save 25% to 50% of total space of the disk.
  • Also, you get an option to encrypt BKF files with a password.

What is split BKF file?

A split BKF file is just like an ordinary backup file. But instead of storing the entire information into a single file, it is split into two or multiple parts and each part has same size. For example, a 20 GB BKF file will be split into 5 parts, 4 GB each. A couple of situations where a BKF file is split into multiple parts:

  • You create a backup file with NT-Backup utility and the total size of your data is 20 GB or more than that. If you save this backup file on any local drive containing FAT file system, it'll split the BKF file into 5 parts, 4 GB each. FAT file system doesn't save any file which is more than 4 GB.
  • If you use Symantec Backup Exec to take a backup, it'll automatically split BKF file if its size is more than 4 GB. No matters where you're saving the BKF file, i.e. in FAT or NTFS file system. The split size setting can be changed from Backup Exec settings panel.

Comparision of Demo & Full Version

Product Features Free Version Full Version
Repair BKF files created by Windows NT-Backup & Symantec Backup
Auto-search option to search BKF files in the computer system
Two scanning options for BKF files: complete scanning and partial scanning
Tree-structure preview of recovered data which include files and folders
Save Recovered Backup Data
24*7 Tech Support & secure 100%
Price FREE $289
Money-Back Guarantee Money-Back Guarantee
Feel Free to Purchase Aryson Products! We are committed to 100% customer satisfaction & security and thus we provide 30 days money back guarantee. View details...

Online Video of- Backup Exec BKF Repair Software

For the client's easiness, we are offering this online video tutorial of Backup Exec BKF recovery software. Users are requested to watch this video and understand the working phenomenon of software.

Procedural Screenshot Software

Lets checkout the working procedure of Backup Exec BKF recovery software given with their screenshot of each steps.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I recover data from corrupt BKF file which is split into multiple parts?

Yes, Backup Exec BKF Repair software supports split BKF files. But make sure all the parts are stored in the same folder and in the accurate order. You just need to select the first BKF file of that segment. After that, the software will select the next part automatically.

My BKF file is compressed. Can I use this Backup Exec BKF Recovery software?
What is the difference between complete scanning and partial scanning?
Which recovery mode is best for me: Standard or Advanced?
I don't have prior technical expertise. Am I comfortable using this software?

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