Money Back Policy

Here at Aryson Technologies Private Limited, we offer 100% money back guarantee on all our products and services. If any of our customers is not satisfied with the results or quality of any of our software products, he/she is eligible to claim for money back or a partial refund. Usually it takes hardly 5 to 7 business days for the refund or money back to be processed.

At Aryson Technologies, we never ask for personal information from the individuals who visit our websites unless they provide it to us voluntarily. There is no requirement for any user to register or provide any information in order to view or visit our website. We always try to follow most advances and appropriate measures to protect our users against any loss, misuse or any type of unexpected or unwanted alteration of the information that is received by them.

Guideline for Claiming Refund/Money Back

  • Make sure the software program is purchased through Aryson Technologies or any of our authorized re-sellers.
  • Refund is only applicable only to those products / softwares which has been purchased under 30 days
  • Refund / Money Back can only be done if any of the following condition is found true:
    • "If the output generated by the software tool is not same what you got through demo version"
    • "If our Online Support Department fails to assist you in fixing your issue"
  • Refund / Money Back can be claimed once we receive "Letter of Destruction" by the customer. By sending a "letter of destruction" (written application), you allow us to destroy the software application from all the computer systems on which it is installed as well as we are allowed to inspect all the systems physically to ensure that the destruction action is conducted properly in a safe manner.

» For Email Message Message You will receive email messages which will let you know the recent changes or updates at our website, new releases, promotional offers, special discounts, etc. if you submit your permission through our newsletter desk. You may also avoid these email messages as there is a removing option with every email newsletter.

Refund / Money back cannot be claimed in following cases:

  • For claiming the refund, if the reason is any of them:
    • "I do not want the software anymore"
    • "I purchased this software accidentally"
    • "I did not really mean to purchase the software"
  • If you are having inability to operate the software or/and apply the license policy in your computing environment.
  • If the software is purchased for the wrong platform.
  • If a software tool purchased from Aryson Technologies, fails to perform its action, you will be asked to upload the file to our FTP Server, so that we can work intensively with your issue. We provide NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement), to our customers in which a contract is made not to disclose any type of information. Users are ineligible to claim for refund/ money back if they do not sign NDA with Aryson Technologies Private Limited.
  • If the software is purchased without examination or checking via its demo version, the refund cannot be claimed.
  • If the refund claim is registered after 30 days of purchase.

  • No refund or money back will be processed after 30 days.
  • Must use demo before purchasing full-version of any software tool.