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Corruption in backup files (.bkf) puts your invaluable data and information at high risk. You can lose them forever, and this action will surely bring you to tears. Don't panic anymore since Aryson is providing you the best BKF Repair software ever. As per comprehensive study, it's one of the smartest ways to repair BKF file and to recover entire data in their original form. Backup file is prone to corruption due to various reasons, but can easily be fixed with just one solution i.e. Aryson BKF Recovery Software. It's available with free demo version that allows you to preview more than 200 file formats. In addition to, hex viewer is available by default to show you the full description of backup files.

  Support BKF files created by Windows NTBackup & Symantec Backup Exec   Successfully repair unlimited BKF file of any size (successfully tested up to 1 TB)   Use Search option to locate and save particular file(s) from recovered data.   Standard and Advance Scanning mode to recover corrupt BKF files accurately   Tree Structure Preview for keeping the original folder hierarchy of recovered BKF files   BKF recovery software prepares a complete log report of whole recovery procedure   Feature to preview 200 different file formats.   Save your re-scanning time with the save and load Snapshot feature   Option to rename the BKF file folders for easy access  Easy-to-use application, i.e. it requires no prior technical expertise   Non-destructive tool, i.e. it causes no alteration or changes to the original data   Available with demo version of BKF repair tool for free evaluation

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Uncommon Features of Aryson BKF Recovery Software

Recover BKF Files
Support Recovery of Enlarge BKF Files

Aryson BKF Repair software can easily recover BKF file of any size, i.e. BKF file more than 1 TB has been successfully tested. Hence it doesn't matter, what is the size of your windows backup files comprises with. Just load it on the software and get your inaccessible BKF files in an original format.

Recover corrupt BKF Files
Recover Inaccessible BKF Files

BKF Recovery software repair backup files created by Windows NT-Backup Exec, Symantec Backup Utility (Veritas) and ARCserve Backup. It supports endless recovery of more than 200 file types, that includes images, audios, videos, emails, database and all other document formats.

Search BKF file
Quick Search to Locate BKF Files

Search option of BKF recovery software have 2 major usage. First is to locate BKF files from your computer system before scanning. And another is after completion of recovery process, you may save the specific file type in a folder using search option.

scanning modes
Dual Scanning Mode for Exact Recovery

BKF repair tool is programmed with dual scanning mode i.e. Standard and Advance. You may use any of them depending on the level of corruption. For example, choose Standard scanning mode for minimal corruption error. And choose Advance scanning mode, when your BKF files become inaccessible due to severe corruption.

Preview of Recovered BKF File
Check Preview of Recovered BKF File

After a successful scanning and recovery of corrupt BKF file, Aryson BKF recovery tool provides "Preview option" to recheck the recovered data items. Preview of repaired BKF file will be presented in the form of tree structure. You may expand it in one by one to verify the data of recovered BKF files and folders.

Aryson BKF Recovery
Save Snapshot to Avoid Re-Scanning

Snapshot is a very unique and helpful feature to repair BKF file. Once the software scans your corrupt BKF file, it will allowed you to save the scanning information in form of ".sysinfobkp file". Later on you can reload this ".sysinfobkp file" using "Snapsot" feature. This way you can save your time by avoiding re-scanning of corrupt files.

Aryson BKF Recovery
Option to Rename Folders

At the time of preview when all the recovered backup files are presented in the tree structure, you may change the name of folder. Just select the folder, double click on it and rename it. Software will keep the hierarchy of folders as it is even after the recovery of BKF files.

BKF Recovery log
Recovery Log File Creation

The software will generate a LOG file of BKF recovery process in text format. This LOG file contains all the information of file scanning and recovery processes. You can save this file for future reference.

Windows Compatible
Windows Compatible & Interactive GUI

The user-interface of this software is highly interactive and easy-to-use. It requires no prior technical expertise, so that even a novice user can use this software with ease to repair BKF files. Along with this, It provides extensive support for Windows OS including the latest Win 10 (32 & 64-bit).

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Technical Overview

What is the BKF file?

BKF file is a backup file containing .bkf file extension. BKF files are most commonly associated with the Windows Backup Utility, commonly known as NT-Backup utility. It's a free utility available in many Windows operating systems, from Windows NT to Windows XP Pro. Anyone can use it to take the backup of their valuable data from data loss situation. You can take a backup of your files in tape drives, ZIP drives, floppy disks, hard disks, etc. The NT-Backup utility supports encrypted file systems, NTFS hard links and junction points, alternate data streams, disk quota information, mounted drive and remote storage information. It saves NTFS permissions, audit entries and ownership settings, respects the archive bit attribute on files and folders and can create differential and incremental backups, backup catalogs, as well as Automated System Recovery.

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List of BKF Error Codes

Cannot restore BKF file in Windows 7.
An inconsistency was encountered on requested media.
The backup file is unusable. You must erase it, or choose another file.
0x80070005:The backup file contains unrecognized data and cannot be used.
0x80070724: Incompatible version of the serializing package.
0x80070005: Create a manual restore point the following may be displayed – Access is Denied.
0x8007007B: The filename, directory name, or volume label syntax is incorrect. System Restore will now close. 
0x80040154: Volume Shadow Copy Service error: Unexpected error calling routine.
0x8007000E: System Restore fails with error in the Windows Recovery Environment.
0x8007000E: File Backup fails with the following error code- Not enough storage is available to complete this operation.
0x81000109: The Restore point could not be created for the following reason- Windows cannot create a shadow copy due to internal error in other system components.
0x800423F4: Complete PC Backup fails with the following error code- The writer experienced a non-transient error. If the backup process is retried, the error is likely to reoccur.
0x80070057: File Backup fails with the following error – The parameter is incorrect.

What could be the reasons of BKF file corruptions?

  Virus infection
  Improper system shutdown
  Interrupted backup job
  Storage media failure
  Missing of catalogue file
  CRC failed
  Error in backup application
  Software/hardware malfunction

Why choose Aryson BKF recovery software instead of others?

Why should anyone go for this new comer, when there are so many reputed software brands available in this gamut internet market? I guess this question must be roaming to and fro in your head? Am I correct? Hence, I am going to tell you the answer to your "why" by sharing a fact sheet.

backup file errors

Comparision of Demo & Full Version

Product Features Demo Version Full Version
Successfully repair BKF file of any size, i.e. more than 1 TB
Auto-search feature to search BKF files in the computer system
Tree-structure preview of recovered files and folders of corrupt BKF file
Create LOG file of BKF recovery process in text format
Save Recovered Data
24*7 Tech Support & secure 100%
Price Free $89
Money-BackMoney-Back Guarantee

Feel Free to Purchase Aryson Products! We are committed to 100% customer satisfaction & security and thus we provide 30 days money back guarantee.

What Our Other Clients Have Said About Us

Your Questions Our Answers

The Demo version is basically a free version of this BKF Repair Software which helps you in evaluating this tool. It allows users to perform every task like search, scan, preview and recover. But with a small limitation and that is users cannot save these recovered windows backup files in their system. For they need to purchase the full version of this Aryson BKF recovery tool.
No, BKF Recovery software doesn't support split BKF files. But don't worry. We have Backup Exec BKF Repair and Backup Exec BKF Repair Pro tools which support recovery from split BKF files.
You can recover and restore files of size larger than 1TB (tried and tested) flawlessly.
Till now, we haven't heard such thing from our beloved customers. But if it happens, we will be happy to help you out. We have an option to return the whole amount of our clients if it doesn't work as mentioned.
As soon as you make the payment, we immediately send you the download link along with the activation code on your email. And if you face any problem in installing or activating your software please contact us through our email id. We would be glad to help you out.

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